REUSE serves as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public.

• Social Engagement
To incorporate the various roles that different sectors of society play in re-thinking and innovating while giving youth ready-access to information regarding environmental sustainability.

• Advocacy
To raise awareness for role model citizens and entities, serving as an interactive means for dialogue and action amongst the private sector, public sector and civil society.

• Culture & Arts
To develop platforms and opportunities for established as well as up and coming professionals to showcase their talents utilizing a variety of mediums.

• Environmental Education
To inspire and be inspired by youth, motivating them to better develop their skill sets and nurture their minds –highlighting the fragility of our surroundings.


One Response to About

  1. fatema almatouq says:

    Hi I just heard about reuse today. I already have an art installation made out of recycled materials that was show cased in the museum of modern art of kuwait. It was a big hit. Its a massive tree made out of wires and electronics its called “wired in” I would love to participate in your competition thats om January 9th

    Looking forward for your reply

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