Zain and en.v’s REUSE Program Takes Aim at Kuwait’s Environmental Consciousness

REUSE Feb 2014
12th Feb 2014, Kuwait City, Kuwait – The en.v Initiative, a leading organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab World and Zain, the leading mobile telecommunications provider in Kuwait, announce major accomplishments in the beginning of 2014 for REUSE – a program that promotes environmental sustainability and community participation in Kuwait.

REUSE was repositioned last year from an annual event to an ongoing social development program which includes activities such as art competitions and educational roadshows, workshops, online environmental campaigns and community events.
One of the first activities launched as part of the program was the “REUSE Recycled Art Competition”. Two-hundred and eighty-six students from eight local schools and universities competed with each other to create the best works made entirely out of scrap / recycled materials, and the top 50 pieces were displayed as an exhibit in The Avenues Mall (Phase III) from January 9th to 11th 2014. Almost 3,000 people voted for their favourite piece on-site, with an estimated 7,000 people engaged at the exhibit by close to 20 volunteers.

“Metallic Stallion” won the public’s hearts and granted its creator, Moustafa Al-Khashab (American University of Kuwait) a $1,000USD cash prize. Several other pieces proved to be serious contenders, including “Guitar” by Asha Thankam Abraham (Fahaheel Al-Watanieh Indian Private School), “The Swirling Curtains” by Tamara Abueish (Universal American School), “Robot Attack Elite Force” by Ahmed A. Mohammed (American University of Kuwait), “Clock” by Kholoud Khalifa Ghayad Al-Dalmani (ARTronauts), “Floating Pool: Transitional Space – Architectural Model” by Zeenab Ebrahim Bu-Abbas (Boxhill College), and “Lamp” by Shouq Jaafar Ali Haydar (Boxhill College).

On January 14-15, en.v also welcomed two international guest trainers, Tarek Atrissi ( and Sahar Ghaheri (, for the REUSE Design for Social Change workshop, which was held at Bait al-Sadu. Sponsored by Zain Telecommunications and The Body Shop Foundation, the workshop focused on how to harness design strategy and solutions for the non-profit and social sectors, equipping participants with practical skills to promote their causes more creatively and effectively. Twenty-seven participants from 17 different Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) attended the workshop, which included lectures and hands on, interactive training, displaying the continual commitment of Kuwaiti society in embracing new perspectives.

Commenting on Zain’s participation in the program, Waleed Al Khashti, Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager said: “Zain has been a strong supporter of the creation of a greener society as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, and the company launched initiatives that support this objective internally through its employees, as well as, externally over the years. The company believes the creation of a positive green mindset throughout the nation leads to a greener, healthier environment. Zain’s participation in the REUSE program, for the 5th year in a row, highlights the importance the company places on maintaining a healthy, clean, and green Kuwait.”

The REUSE Educational Roadshow, an interactive educational presentation promoting sustainability and eco-friendly living in Kuwait, also continued in January, with the first presentation of the year taking place at the Universal American School (UAS). The roadshow aims to educate students and their teachers of the importance of recycling due to the pressing issue of waste in Kuwait. To date, 95 students from two schools have taken part in these fun and interactive presentations.

“Community engagement is a primary focus for our social development programs in 2014.” Expressed Zahed Sultan, the Managing Director for en.v. “Founded on an ethos of creativity, en.v’s environmental education activities encourage youth to adopt eco-friendly habits in their day to day lives.”

As the year progresses, REUSE plans to execute further projects that ensure the participation of the local community while supporting a collaborative effort in the reduction of waste in Kuwait for current and future generations.

About Zain

Zain is a leading telecommunications operator across the Middle East and Africa providing mobile voice and data services to over 44.4 million active customers as of 30 June, 2013. With a commercial presence in 8 countries, Zain operates in: Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and South Sudan. In Lebanon, the Group manages ‘touch’ on behalf of the government. In Morocco, Zain has a 15.5% stake in Wana Telecom, now branded ‘INWI’, through a joint venture. Zain is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (stock ticker: ZAIN).
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About en.v
en.v (a subsidiary of El Boutique Creative Group is an organization dedicated to promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability in the Arab world. The organization’s activities include planning and implementing social development and environmental programs in the Middle East by creating strategic partnerships with local civil society organizations, governmental actors, and the private sector. Through collaborative efforts and online platforms, en.v raises awareness for pressing social issues as well as leading development initiatives in the MENA region.
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