Winner Announcement: REUSE Recycled Art Competition 2013-2014

REUSE is a program initiated by en.v in partnership with Zain Telecommunications to promote environmental sustainability and community participation in Kuwait. The program includes activities such as educational roadshows and competitions, community events, online environmental campaigns and workshops that will take place throughout the year.

This year’s REUSE Recycled Art Competition and Exhibit was held at The Avenues on the weekend of January 9th to 11th 2014.  The competition involved students from various schools and universities in Kuwait, with the top 50 artwork making it to the exhibit at The Avenues.  Close to 3,000 votes were collected on location, and we are pleased to announce the winning piece.

The winning piece, dubbed “Metallic Stallion”, is a creation by Moustafa El-Khashab, a 26 year-old student from the American University of Kuwait (AUK).  To create the artwork, Moustafa reused nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, cable connectors, metal chain, wires, rollers and a climbing hook.  He “wanted to recreate the organic beauty of a stallion using industrial materials that make it seem like a machine.”

Other top contenders include:

–       “Guitar” by Asha Thankam Abraham (Fahaheel Al-Watanieh Indian Private School)

–       “The Swirling Curtains” by Tamara Abueish (Universal American School)

–       “Robot Attack Elite Force” by Ahmed A. Mohammed (American University of Kuwait)

–       “Clock” by Kholoud Khalifa Ghayad Al-Dalmani (ARTronauts)

–       “Floating Pool:Transitional Space – Architectural Model” by Zeenab Ebrahim Bu-Abbas (Boxhill College)

–       “Lamp” by Shouq Jaafar Ali Haydar (Boxhill College)

Mr. El-Khashab will receive a $1,000 USD cheque as recognition for his efforts in reusing materials to create a masterpiece.  Bravo!

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