10 Modules, 3 Days, 1 Mission; Promote Eco-Friendly Living – en.v Announces REUSE 4.0 Exposition

Kuwait, November 11th, 2010: The en.v Initiative (en.v), an organization dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world, announces the launch of the REUSE exposition. In its fourth year, REUSE 4.0 will be held on January 11th -13th, 2011 at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) from 4pm to 9pm daily.

REUSE 4.0 will serve as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a dynamic range of mediums and interactive activities with the general public.

REUSE’s organic growth over the recent years has led The en.v Initiative to position this year’s event as Kuwait’s premier creative exposition for sustainable (eco-friendly) thought.

Supported by a Title Partnership from Dow Chemical EMEA, a host of private sector partners and 150+ international and local participants from diverse disciplines, REUSE 4.0 will serve as an interactive means for dialogue and action amongst the private sector, public sector and civil society.

In accordance with The en.v Initiative’s ethos towards environmental responsibility, REUSE is devised, executed as a “Carbon Neutral” event.  Accordingly, en.v ensures environmental concerns are addressed and documented during every phase of the exposition.  Upon completion of the exposition, en.v conducts an internal carbon footprint audit and offsets all emissions by investing in a “Climate Friendly” project.

About en.v

en.v (a subsidiary of El Boutique Creative Group www.elboutique.com) is an initiative dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab world.  en.v’s primary objective is to seek out public sector bodies, private sector and civil society organizations in the region, document their efforts, and create interactivity between them towards developing a more thought-conscious society. Using formats that are appealing to the masses, en.v strives to develop mediums that entities can utilize as platforms for communicating their social efforts and engaging their respective stakeholder communities.

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Email : env@envearth.com

Web: http://www.envearth.com

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2 Responses to 10 Modules, 3 Days, 1 Mission; Promote Eco-Friendly Living – en.v Announces REUSE 4.0 Exposition

  1. F A says:

    is it possible to join ur team? id like to work with u. u hiring?
    F A

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