en.v Invites Aspiring Arab Filmmakers To Submit Films For Consideration

Through a multi-faceted approach, The en.v Initiative seeks to further and support the research and development of individuals and organizations in the fields of education, environment, culture, and general welfare.

Furthermore, The en.v Initiative attempts to employ an innovative attitude and methodology that will communicate itself to all factions of society. We ultimately hope to nurture the development of a new kind of citizen in the Arab world – one who is alert, aware and conscious of the effects his or her decisions and actions have on society at large and on the environment as a whole.

Towards this end we have taken the initiative to feature (on our online portal – http://www.envearth.com) work by young, upcoming, and aspiring filmmakers in the field of social responsibility.  We’d like to offer you a platform to display your talent by submitting a short film, animation, or documentary (from your existing archive or one under development when complete) that will be accessible to our ever growing global audiences, promoting you and / or your organization’s work accordingly.

Furthermore, the best submissions will be short listed and featured at our “Short Films” event, an integral activity that is part of a larger annual eco-conscious exhibition we host every December entitled REUSE (www.projectreuseme.com).

The most creative / talented filmmakers will also be given the opportunity to receive commissions from The en.v Initiative to document our work in the field as well as develop short films and animation segments related to our activities (details to be disclosed at a later date).

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

To learn more:

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For more information please contact:

The en.v Initiative
Tel: +965 2252- 4614
Fax: +965 2252-4615
Email : env@envearth.com
Web: http://www.envearth.com

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