REUSE 3.0 Official Advertisement

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2 Responses to REUSE 3.0 Official Advertisement

  1. Katukoa says:

    Why isn’t the public invited to participate actively in the making of the event rather that have them become passive observers or admirers of the works? Isn’t encouraging the public to recycle the main objective of this event?

    • ZahedS says:

      Almost 95% of our participants are new and annually we actively seek to work with young and upcoming talent who are dedicated to the arts, design, etc. As you can imagine, this is no simple feat in Kuwait. Furthermore the quality of all end products must be high enough to be sell-able pieces. As our event grows in size, attendance and we secure better and larger locations we will definitely strive to have the event be more of an inclusive process. On a side note, all queries that have come to us via our online mediums regrading requests to participate we have welcomed openly (keeping in mind the previously mentioned).

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