Audio Exhibit by Aziz Al Humaidhi

Al Humaidhi received his Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts & Architecture in 2001 & 2002 respectively, from the Rhode Island School of Design. He currently heads NHEC (Najeeb Al Humaidhi Consultants), a 90 person person architecture multi-discipline firm as Principal in charge. A self taught producer with 10yeras of experience in electronic-based sound production, Al humaidhi is planning on releasing a compilation album of his latest work in upcoming months.

Can the noise and sound around us be used? Can it be Reused? Can we mitigate noise pollution without isolating ourselves from the world around us? One answer could be to design a device which would allow us to hear everything around us differently rather than block it out. We are surrounded by noise pollution. We are bombarded by disturbing sounds and unwanted noise constantly. Until now the solution was to either drown it out with music blasting  from headphones or to block it out completely.

Both of which increase ones isolation and distance from his/her surrounding environment. This device can be imagined as walkman or music player with microphones.  It doesn’t play any tapes, mp3s or CD’s. It acts only as device to funnel the noise around us enhances it and then play it back to us in realtime. The device would contain filters  which analyzes the microphone’s sound and superimpose a layer of harmony and rhythm on top of it. Rather than isolating us from everything around us a device like this would encourage more interaction with the world around us.

Below is the audio exhibit:

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  1. nony says:

    ماعندك سالفه

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