Pollution by Faisal Al Bisher & Jamal Ayoubi

Every photographer has some source of inspiration that drives them to take the photos that they do. A person’s source of inspiration is that thing that tells him what to photograph, how to compose it, what equipment to use, and when to release the shutter. This time Jamal’s and my inspiration in our photos reflects concerns of citizens in Kuwait. We wanted to do something with our photography and convey an important message. Our concept and message is an environmental one. We had an incisive idea to illustrate our commitment in showing evidence of the increasing pollution in Kuwait. Pollution seems to be Kuwait’s greatest threat and a few people seem to understand that. We wanted this to be a truly powerful gallery of some real and disturbing pictures taken to leave a strong and effective impact on the viewers. The depth and colors used offer pictorial evidence of the sad and polluted areas in Kuwait City such as “Jeleeb Al Sheyookh” and “Souk Al Sefafeer” where many people reside. Jamal and I started our process by visiting those places ourselves and talking with the people there. We tried to capture the sad and hopeless mood of those people, using different tones, to portray the message. Images taken reflect sewage pollution and places where trash is left as they are. In some photos, people were selling food around polluted areas which is unacceptable. The pollution shown is hazardous to the health of people and action should be taken

Finally, both beautiful and disturbing scenes are out there waiting to be discovered, waiting to be photographed. We can’t take these polluted places back with us to show you all, but a good photograph is a close second. Capturing pollution in a photo is one thing, but capturing the reality of pollution in a photograph is entirely different. Jamal and I both hope that we conveyed our serious message to you all.

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