Once Upon A Time…

In May of 2007, In an effort to expand their initiatives and introduce their new brand identity, MRC in coordination with the El Boutique Creative Group organized a creative Public Relations event to raise awareness for the environment, promote recycling, and highlight the importance of waste management, REUSE.  Hosted at The Sultan Gallery, a versatile group of local designers were invited to showcase their talents through innovative product design in the realm of furniture and house ware products, produced entirely from waste, scrap, and recycled materials collected from MRC’s Amghara facility.

Building on the success of last year’s event, a second installment of ‘REUSE’ will be held in Kuwait at Bayt Lothan under the patronage of MRC and Zain on the 30th of November for 3 days.  Bayt Lothan embodies a spacious courtyard with a selection of dedicated rooms that will be utilized as focused exhibition spaces for a variety of artistic mediums.

REUSE 2.0 – Highlights

Featured International Artist / Designer – Hassan Hajjaj

3 Guest Speakers

10+ Creative Professionals

15+ Highschool & College Students

…And all final work can be purchased via silent auction

REUSE 2.0 – Primary Objectives:

Culture:To incorporate the various roles that different sectors of society play in recycling and eco friendly living. Youth: To give youth ready access to information regarding environmental sustainability and its importance in daily life. Social Responsibility: To raise awareness, serving as a means for dialogue and action amongst the private sector and the community. Environment: In accordance with the event organizer’s ethos, The en.v Initiative (a subsidiary of elboutique.com), towards environmental responsibility, REUSE 2.0 will be devised, executed and introduced as Kuwait’s first “carbon neutral” event.  Ensuring environmental concerns are addressed during every phase of the initiative as well as offsetting all damage done to the environment through investing in “green” projects post-audit by an external consultancy.

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