Organized and Managed by: The en.v Initiative

An initiative dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab World

An initiative dedicated to social responsibility in the Arab World

The en.v Initiative is based out of Kuwait with the prime objective of seeking out individuals as well as multinational companies in the region, and documenting their efforts towards creating a more thought-conscious society using formats that are appealing to the masses. Moreover, en.v strives to develop mediums that entities can utilize as platforms for publicizing their social efforts (thus presenting themselves to stakeholders in an entirely new light). The first platform of The en.v Initiative was the launch of a quarterly bilingual publication for the GCC. This has translated into a strong GCC retail presence as well as distribution agreements with over 40 educational establishments and corporations. In the fourth Quarter of 2008, en.v shall extend its distribution to Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt with a clear focus on establishing a strong MENA presence in 2009, and a Global presence (for Arabs residing abroad) in 2010. The second platform of The en.v Initiative is an interactive (bilingual) online portal and archiving system to be released to the general public early into the fourth quarter of 2008. The portal will feature an electronic magazine, audio, video, image libraries as well as numerous functions for users to interact with and share their opinions regarding key topics at hand. Building on its parent company’s experience as a branding consultancy (El Boutique Creative Group,, en.v’s third platform is advocacy. The en.v Initiative will act as a consultancy body on social responsibility campaigns, programs and events for various corporations and community-minded organizations. (Details may be provided upon request)

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